Get Healthier With Tai Chi

Advanced and Beginner’s Tai Chi Classes

Take the first step towards a healthier life. Participate in the Tai Chi classes organized by Golden Lion Martial Arts in Carson City, NV. We offer advanced Tai Chi classes and programs for beginners. At our academy, we do our best to make every class fun and fulfilling.

Tai Chi Classes for Beginners

The beginner's class is comprehensive. It encompasses the basics of Yang Tai Chi, beginning meditation (Taoist style), and Chi Gong. There is no set length for the course. The classes are run with both group exercises and individual instruction. Students will learn Tai Chi walking, the Eight Jewels Chi Gong set, the basics of meditation, and beginning Tai Chi forms. As the students progress, they gradually learn more challenging forms, techniques, and principles.

Wudan Travelling Dragon Sword Seminar

Advanced Tai Chi Classes

The advanced Tai Chi class is by invitation only. It includes instruction in advanced Tai Chi techniques and concepts, practical applications, advanced Chi Gong practice, and continued development meditation skills.

Golden Lion Martial Arts

Stephen Mund, Instructor